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E-Juice Review: Mad Hatter’s "I Love Popcorn" and "120 Cream Pop"

E-Juice Review: Mad Hatter’s "I Love Popcorn" and "120 Cream Pop"

E-Juice Review: Mad Hatter’s

If you have been in the vaping world for a while, then you might have heard of "Mad Hatter Juice.” Well-known for the line of "I Love" juices such as the "I Love Donuts" and “I Love Cookies,” this e-juice brand releases some of the most fantastic flavours that are guaranteed to excite the senses. 

The “Mad Hatter Juice” brand never fails to amaze, continually producing flavours which that take the world by storm. Recently, their “I Love Popcorn” and “120 Cream Pop” are gaining traction—giving a new realm of sensual experience for the adventurous vaper.

In this article, we will focus on "I Love Popcorn" and "120 Cream Pop," sharing exactly why they are so impressive in their unique ways.


I Love Popcorn

Remember that feeling, when you sit down in the theatre, as you wait for the movie to start, with a bucket of buttered popcorn on-hand? For most people, that bucket is going to empty even before the movie is halfway over, or even before the movie starts! Who can blame you—after all, we can all agree that the popcorn is simply a fantastic snack.

Have you ever thought that such a thing as popcorn-flavoured vape juice could ever exist? Even if you tried, you might struggle to imagine how that is even possible, more so how that would even taste. One might automatically assume that it would taste just like corn rather than popcorn—but fortunately, Mad Hatter does not disappoint!


From the moment you open the cap, you will instantly be overwhelmed by the smell of freshly popped buttered popcorn, which is enough to get your mouth salivating. When you finally take a drag, you’ll immediately feel like you’ve just finished eating a whole bucket of popcorn. Your tummy might just be rumbling for the actual thing now that’ you’re just thinking about it. 

Don’t worry if you feel weird tasting buttered popcorn, without having those popcorn bits rolling around on your tongue—you’ll adjust, and because of it’s smooth flavour, you’ll find yourself enjoying "I Love Popcorn" daily.


120 Cream Pop

While the name might suggest that this comes with 120 different flavours, the packaging will tell you that this cream pop flavour comes as orange-flavoured. Of course, there are many other fruity flavours in the market—some of them being a huge hit, while even more being a great miss. 

So, how does 120 Cream Pop hold up the competition, and is it any good? Vaping this premium e-juice tastes and feels much like eating a real orange-flavoured cream popsicle—that’s just how good Mad Hatter Juice crafted the 120 Cream Pop to be!


This e-juice delivers a gentle, rolling orange flavour and a milky taste-note that adds to the overall creaminess that cream pops are known to have. 

Upon inhaling the 120 Cream Pop, you’ll be awash with that refreshing hit of orange goodness—but the fun doesn’t end there. It is only upon exhaling it that you experience the beauty of this juice, with the cream flavour mixing in with the orange after-taste. The mix develops into a cooling experience that covers your mouth and lungs—much like you’d experience if you’ve just downed an orange cream popsicle. 




Whether you’re a fan of buttered popcorn or orange popsicles, going for either e-juice is an experience worth tasting. If you’re a long-time vaper, then you simply must try out the "I Love Popcorn" and the "120 Cream Pop." After all, it is impossible for us to fully describe the taste of both flavours—but if there is anything we can say for certainty, the Mad Hatter does not disappoint with these two flavours.


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