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Vaping Without Nicotine: What You Need to Know

Vaping Without Nicotine: What You Need to Know

Vaping Without Nicotine: What You Need to Know

When you vape, it does not have to involve nicotine consumption as well. Vaping without nicotine is better, especially for people who have been trying to quit cigarette smoking. If you want to start your journey of ditching your nicotine habit, you can start gradually with vaping. Vape juice has various levels of nicotine content, so you can reduce your consumption over time until you can shift to zero-nicotine vape juices.

Why you should vape without nicotine

For several decades, cigarette smoking has been known to cause various negative effects on the human body. It can lead to serious illnesses, such as cancer and other respiratory problems. However, even though many people want to quit smoking, not all of them find it easy to do so. When vaping came into the picture, they saw a better alternative.

Vaping has its sets of risks but is generally accepted as a safer option for smokers. Although quitting nicotine can be extra difficult for long-time smokers who are likely addicted to it, trying to vape without nicotine as soon as you switch can lead to withdrawal symptoms. You will crave for the satisfaction you get from smoking cigarettes, which can prompt you to return to the old ways. If you are not a traditional smoker, but you still want to try vaping, then it is best to stay away from nicotine. That way, you can avoid getting addicted to vaping.

Another good reason to try vaping without nicotine is that it tastes better. There is less nicotine tingle but more flavours, making it more enjoyable. E-liquids that have no nicotine are also almost always made of food-grade ingredients, which means they are non-toxic. While nicotine can be felt when you inhale it, zero-nicotine vape juices do not cause irritations to the throat, allowing you to enjoy the flavour and warmth even more.

Zero nicotine e-liquids are drug-free as well. Nicotine is a drug that has psychological and physical effects on the smoker. When vaping without nicotine, you avoid those side effects.

Moreover, many employers now implement no-nicotine policies as part of screening their future employees. They claim that this has something to do with health insurance, as well as workplace safety and productivity. If you are applying for a job, it’s best to vape without nicotine, so that it won’t show up in the nicotine screening tests.

A word of caution

Vaping without nicotine is a healthier option if you want to quit traditional smoking for good. However, you can still become addicted to vaping, and that is something you should take into consideration. Addiction has something to do with your physical and mental satisfaction, such as the hand to mouth action and the sensation of inhaling or exhaling smoke.

Vaping is not 100 per cent safe and has its own risks, but without nicotine, it is better than traditional cigarettes. If you are looking for vape liquids and vape accessories, visit Vapin Loud now. We have over 300 products that are 100 per cent authentic and come with a warranty!

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